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Sigma Nu Fraternity Inc.

Lambda Theta Chapter

Birmingham-Southern College

900 Arkadelphia Road

BSC Box 97

Birmingham, AL 35254

Trey Cotney

Recruitment Chair

National History

Sigma Nu’s past is a proud and colorful one. Founded by three cadets at the Virginia Military Institute in a period of civil strife known as the Reconstruction and against the system of hazing, Sigma Nu represented a radical departure from the times. To find out more please visit History & Insignia.

Lambda Theta Chapter History

Chartered in 1987, our chapter is one of the youngest on campus. Though we are young, we have one of the largest fraternities, hold positions in many organizations on campus, and hold some of the best social events. In our twenty years of existence our Chapter has held the highest grade-point average, and is held in high esteem by Birmingham-Southern College.

Some Famous Sigma Nus

   “Bear” Bryant      Bob Barker     Harrison Ford       Paul Rudd



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Our Brotherhood

The idea of Brotherhood is in every fraternity. In Sigma Nu, Brotherhood is extremely important, and in our Chapter the idea of Brotherhood is actually practiced. Don’t join Sigma Nu to make friends; join to gain lifelong brothers.

Our Principles

Love, Truth, and Honor are the guiding principles of our Fraternity. Our Founders dreamt to instill in every Sigma Nu the ideal of Honor, and through our Chapter their dream is realized.

No Hazing

Since its founding, our Fraternity has led the campaign against the system of hazing.


Our Chapter sees the education of its members about leadership to be extremely important. There are leadership opportunities through our LEAD Program and through the leadership positions in the Chapter, which are open for those wanting to lead no matter age.


Our Chapter is active in philanthropy in contributing and working for many local and national organizations. We help largely with Up ‘Til Dawn, and we also hold an annual fundraiser known as Paladia for charity.

Social Events

Our Chapter holds some of the greatest social events at BSC. Not only do we have  mixers with sororities, but we also are known for the following events:

Shotgun Wedding

Undertakers’ Cotillion

Winter Knights

One Knight Stand

White Rose Formal


“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or you’re out. There’s no such thing as life in-between.” 

 -Pat Riley SN. GI 819



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