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Quest II


Quest II is comprised of six committees:


Entertainment:  The entertainment committee is involved with bringing bands to Birmingham Southern for EFEST and SOCO, and preparing for such events.  There are approximately 10—15 committee members.

Public Relations:  The Public Relations Committee is comprised of a handful of members who design t-shirts, posters, and flyers for various Quest II events, and maintain the website.  The primary responsibility of the PR committee is promoting Quest II events. 

Homecoming and Athletics:  The Homecoming Athletics Committee is responsible for involving students with athletic events on campus through Homecoming or even simply supporting teams. 

Hospitality:  The Hospitality Committee promotes the wellbeing and happiness of  the various bands brought on campus for Quest II events. 

Attic:  The Attic Committee focuses on the atmosphere of Birmingham Southern’s coffee shop., by bringing fresh bands or artists to perform on stage, or also by creating various eventful nights for students. 

Small Events:  The Small Events Committee is responsible for maintaining the campus life by promoting small, special events such as Movie on the Quad


Quest II

Birmingham Southern College

900 Arkadelphia Rd.

P.O. Box 549014

Birmingham, AL 35254



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