Ima Music: All About Me

My name is Ima Music Student, and I am a freshman musician at Birmingham-Southern College.

I've been told that all people respond to music, and my personal reaction has always been particularly strong. My mother told me that I began to sing before I could speak, and some of my strongest memories from childhood involve music. I will never forget, for example, the thrill I felt the first time I heard an orchestra, or the magic I felt in the air whenever we sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" at my high school. While I was in high school, I played flute in the band, and I always sang in the School Choir. These experiences in actually making music were some of the most satisfying activities I ever had.

Last year a heard a piano recital played by Mr. William DeVan, and hearing him play has changed my life. I now want to learn to play the piano as well as hed does, and I have registered to take lessons from him. I hope to become a concert pianist and play concerts all over the world, but I'm not sure I have the talent to do so. I have also registered for geology classes, just so I'll have something to fall back on if my music career doesn't work out.

September 1, 2005


Last weekend I went to a big church in downtown Birmingham, and I heard a pipe organ for the first time in my life!

So I dropped piano and registered for organ lessons with Dr. Cook. You can forget about geology, too! I'm too excited to think about doing anything other than playing the organ.

September 14, 2005