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Beethoven's Fifth Symphony:

*Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)

    I loved listening to this piece because it made me feel victorious, and with good reason.  In Morse Code short-short-short-long or dit-dit-dit-dah, the motive of Beethoven's Fifth,  is the signal for the letter "v".  A "v" could stand for many things but in this case, it stood for victory to the stout German Army in the 19th century.  This is funny because the inventor of Morse Code, Samuel F.B. Morse, was an American and Morse Code was not truly perfected until 1838, a year after Beethoven had died.

    The Fifth Symphony consisted of four movements and was composed in 1807.  It only took Ludwig Van Beethoven three years to write one of the most well known symphonies ever.  As I listened to it I wondered to myself how much music could develop simply by the hand of a single person.  And then the performers simply look at a page with black dots symbolizing everything from rhythm to pitch to color.  The piece seems to come together so nicely like it was made as pieces to be picked up by musicians and put together in a simplistic complicated fashion.  The music itself is organized very nicely and is structured in a way that makes any other music seem boring to listen to, which it isn't.

    In conclusion I would like to thank Dr. Cook for forcing us to listen to this piece and also for learning about how we can express ourselves through the written word in a way that is expressive and can be applied to any other course we take at Birmingham-Southern College.  Beethoven was a great composer and I am very thankful that he was able to give us this music for us to listen, perform, and enjoy for a lifetime and then some.