Birmingham-Southern Panhellenic Recruitment
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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What is Recruitment?
Recruitment is a period during which you and sorority members have an opportunity to become acquainted. It consists of a series of informal parties at which you will meet sorority members and learn more about sorority life. At the end of Recruitment, through a process of mutual selection and preference, you may be invited to become a member of a sorority.

Who is eligible for Sorority Recruitment?
Any female who is officially enrolled as a full-time student at Birmingham-Southern College and who is not on academic or social probation is eligible for Sorority Recruitment.

How do you register for Recruitment?

Click on the registration link, located on the home page of the Panhellenic website.


When is Recruitment?
Rush activities begin on Friday, September 9, and continue through Tuesday, September 13. A daily schedule of parties can be viewed Here. On Saturday, August 27, during the afternoon, there will be a Panhellenic Open House in our sorority townhouses for parents and students. The Rho Gammas (Recruitment Counselors), Panhellenic President, Panhellenic Vice President, and Panhellenic Advisor will be present to answer any questions concerning Recruitment. We know that you will be busy checking in, unpacking, and getting settled at the College, but we want to give you and your parents this opportunity to see our chapter townhouses. So drop by and see us for a few minutes!

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