Birmingham-Southern Panhellenic Recruitment
Recruitment Parties

There are three rounds of parties that occur during formal Recruitment. Each of these rounds is designed so that the sororities will get to know more about you and you will get to know more about the sororities. To give you a better idea of what to wear during the parties, a fashion show is planned for our Recruitment convocation so you can see what Potential New Members will be wearing for each type of party. If you have any questions regarding what is appropriate to wear, ask your Rho Gamma (Recruitment Counselor). She will be happy to help.


The first parties will be Icebreakers. During these parties you will be introduced to many members of each of the sororities and you will be given an overall picture of each chapter and its national organization. These parties will last 30 minutes. Ice water will be provided by Panhellenic between parties outside, in the Sorority Townhouse Amphitheater.

Informal, comfortable clothes are appropriate for Icebreaker - such as sundresses, capris, slacks, skirts and blouses, and casual dresses.

Skit Parties:

Skit parties come next. PNM's may attend up to five skit parties, during which you will have the opportunity to visit again with sorority members. The sororities will be presenting entertaining skits, so come prepared to have a great time. Snacks are also served at these parties.

The same comfortable cloths worn to Icebreakers are appropriate for Skit Parties. You might be sitting on the floor at times, so keep this in mind.

Preferential Evening Parties:

The third and final round of parties is Preferential Evening Parties. You may attend up to three of these parties, which are a special ending to Recruitment. Preferential Evening Parties give the PNM a closer look at the meaning of sororities and their sisterhood in a more serious and meaningful setting.

You should wear a dress that would be appropriate for a tea or church for Preferential Evening Parties.


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