BSC Panhellenic Council Code of Ethics



The Panhellenic Code of Ethics shall encourage in thought, word, and deed the upholding of truth, dignity, mutual respect, and the Panhellenic spirit by all of our sorority chapters and their members.  We agree that these principles should never be sacrificed for the advancement of the individual sororities.



We will promote Panhellenic spirit, mutual respect, and cooperation at all times.  We will act in ways which will benefit the entire Greek system, remembering that healthy chapters exist only in healthy Greek systems.  We will speak positively of individuals and other Greek organizations as well as dispelling stereotypes.  We will support other chapters in their endeavors, and represent the Greek system favorably at college sponsored events.


Academic achievement and respect for learning shall be encouraged by all of our sororities.  We will continually strive for good relations with the faculty and administration of the college.


In recruitment, we will remember to promote the Greek system as a whole while showing our chapter pride.  We will encourage participation in open and closed recruitment.  We will treat each other and the potential new members with respect.  We will give all potential new members fair consideration in the selection process, recognizing that diversity should be respected and valued.  We will engage in normal, friendly contact with the potential new members, respecting their privacy and refraining from excessive contact.  We believe that potential new members should decide for themselves where they feel most comfortable, including the decision to not become a part of the Greek system.  We will never make potential new members feel uneasy or pressured by our speech or action.  We will refrain from questions which may cause discomfort to the potential new member.  We will not mislead potential new members in any way, particularly leading them to believe that they will receive a bid from our chapter.


We will abide by all national and local risk management policies including but not limited to those of Birmingham-Southern College, National Panhellenic Council, and each individual national/international organization. We believe in upholding the spirit and intentions of these policies and maintaining the well-being of our members. We will not overlook any disregard for these policies whether intentional or unintentional.


We will promote events that bring all of our Greek women together.  We will show our mutual respect in all activities, as in intramurals and mixers.  We believe that hazing is thoughtless and uncaring, and we will always treat our new members with dignity.  We will not take an unfair advantage in any situation to promote our Greek organizations over any other organization.  As members of other organizations, we will be fair in determining whom we recommend, vote for, speak for, or support- whether it be in new member selection, officer selections, or other matters.


As sorority women, we will trust in the sincerity of all our chapters and their members in abiding by our code and rules.


These are the tenets by which we strive to live.