Arcview GIS Tutorial

What is Arcview?

GIS or geographic information systems visualize information which help determine relationships, patterns and trends between data. Arcview is a type of GIS software. It is used in many applications including analysis of various conditions of the environment, city planning and other uses involving locations. Arcview GIS has the capability to display maps and thematic diagrams as well as do analysis of geographic locations and information linked to these locations. Maps can also be created and updated.

Introduction to Arcview

Arcview GIS represents geographic locations through maps. The objects represented on these maps are known as features. These features are represented in 3 ways: points, lines and polygons. Suppose a feature on a map was the state of Alabama. Information about this feature such as area, population, and name is stored in a database. These individual items of data are known as attributes. GIS stores these attributes in tables. These tables are arranged in rows and columns. Each column stores a different attribute and each row relates to a single feature. With tables, a great deal of analyses can be performed on this data. Using various techniques such as joins, this data would be connected with other tables based on common factors. Besides text, images can also be used in performing various analyses.

This tutorial covers the following topics:
  1. Introduction to Arcview

  2. Themes

  3. Querying features


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