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photo at top: fly larvae (provided by Dr. Ron Jenkins, Samford University)


     The BSC Faculty overseeing this project are Dr. R. Scot Duncan, Assistant Professor of Biology; Dr. Eileen Moore, Professor of Education; and Dr. Gwen McCorquodale, Assistant Professor of Education


      Many BSC Education students have contributed to the creation of this website.  The idea for the site and its initial creation was the work of students participating in a January Interim course on Cahaba River Ecology and Conservation taught by Dr. Scot Duncan at BSC.   These students include Kristi Doyle, Nicole Epperson, Jerry Anne Jackson, Dana Letson, Gema Madi, Sammye Martin, Virginia Seibels, Kristin Williamson. During spring term 2004, students Gema Madi and Virginia Seibels continued to work on the website.  Gema Madi in particular designed and build most of the webpages on the site.  Dr. Scot Duncan has also participated extensively in building the site.