BSC Conservancy

A Success Story

By Ashley Powell

Dear Conservancy members,

I would just like to express how truly successful the Conservancy has been the past semester; it is amazing how far we have come! The meetings have gone from having three or so members show up sporadically to having ten to fifteen members on a regular basis. Each meeting has been met with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. You all have great ideas and visions.

We have had a great turnout for events, such as the Oak Mountain hike, the picnic at the botanical gardens, and especially, the ivy cleanup. (Sorry to all who received the special gift of poison ivy -- next time we will take better precautions!). The Conservancy now has a well designed, very appealing webpage, worth taking a look at if you have not had the chance (! The Conservancy has been present at both BSC Preview Days, advertising the environmental opportunities BSC has to offer to prospective students. The Conservancy received a $1,000 grant to initiate a recycling campaign and we now have a successful inventory of the recycling bins in all the buildings on campus. We also had a huge turnout with the sponsored cultural event and are in the process of designing a t-shirt! The Conservancy honestly could not have done much more.

Thank you all for your time, energy, and enthusiasm. You are all needed to create positive change and we are off to a great start! Be thinking about ideas for Interim and spring semester. Specifically, be thinking about initiating the recycling project (dorm competitions, educational events, and advertising).

We all deserve a peaceful break, so enjoy and happy holidays! You are all wonderful.