A German Renaissance Statue of Arthur
He thrust beyond three hundred, most bold, He cut down the centre and far wing. He proved worthy, leading noble men; He gave from his herd steeds for winter. He brought black crows to a fort's Wall, though he was no Arthur. -Aneirin, The Gododdin, c.600 Academia Archeology Travel Resources

Academia   This UK branch of has a greater selection of Arthurian books and resources 
              than does the US branch. Best search results are yielded from the keywords King Arthur 
              and Arthurian. This is also a great resource for travel and lodging guides. 

Arthuriana  A scholarly journal of Arthurian studies with roots right here at Birmingham-Southern College.
              You can read abstracts and subscribe to the journal either online or in hard copy form.  The site
              also has a links page, a bookstore, and a gift shop.

Arturius-A Quest for Camelot  D.F. Carroll set up this page to promote his book that argues forArtorius, son 
              of the 7th century King Aidan as a northern "Arthur."  The page offers summaries of his major 
              points. While we haven't had a chance to read this book, the argument is interesting and the book is 
              for sale as a hard copy or as a download in PDF format.

Our Bibliography  The bibliography on our site lists all of the helpful resources we have come across in our

Birmingham-Southern College  This is the official site of our alma mater, a small liberal arts college located 
              in Birmingham, Alabama.

Britannia  The King Arthur section of this travel-oriented site has excellent encyclopedic type information on
              many different subjects--history, people, and Glastonbury, for example. A great starting place or
              introduction to the major Arthurian issues. There are two pages which we want to point out 
                     The Magical History Tour  will take you on a interesting but limited virtual tour of some of the 
                                                      sites we mention.
                          Arthur, King of the Britons explains concisely the different theories as to who the historical 
                                                      Arthur really was.

Early British Kingdoms  A comprehensive, well-researched database of everything about Dark Age Britain. 
               There are sections devoted to archeology, the various kingdoms of that time, King Arthur, and
                much, much more.
                     Early British Kingdoms for Kids A cartoony sub-site aimed at children that gives a more basic
                                                      introduction to everything related to Arthur's time. 

Susan K. Hagen  Mary Collett Munger Professor of English, Associate Dean of Birmingham-Southern College,
              and the faculty sponsor for our project.

Vortigern Studies   Vortigern was the legendary king who supposedly invited Saxon mercenaries into Britain.
              This incredibly detailed and thorough site explores the king himself and his realm. There are 
              excerpts of primary texts (Bede, Gildas, etc.) relating to Vortigern, "Guest Articles" on the 
              subject, and much more.


An Archeological Quest for the 'Real' King Arthur  After an introduction, this site discusses archeological finds
              at major Arthurian sites such as Tintagel, Cadbury, and Glastonbury.

A Short History of Arthurian Archeology  This a somewhat dry, academic style paper by an antropology student
              at the University of Minnesota in 1991.  The paper proposes to "examine and discuss some of the 
              archaeological evidence from the time of King Arthur and from associated sites to see if the history 
              of this king is possible and not refuted by physical evidence."  Ms. Biehl offers insight into the findings
              at Tintagel and Cadbury.

University of Glasgow Tintagel Excavations   This is the official site of the team from Glasgow University that
              found the "Arthnou stone" at Tintagel in 1998.  Due to the scientific nature of the web site, it avoids 
              fantastic speculation. The site is made up of several small pages that make it a little frustrating to 
              navigate, and only the most general information is given.

Travel Resources

A1 Tourism  We made practically all of our lodging reservations through this site.  There are listings for bed
               and breakfasts throughout the U.K., many with web sites and more with a fax number.  A1 will 
               provide a phone number at the very least.

Best Bed and Breakfast Homes in the U.K.  This page offers a more limited selection of Bed and Breakfasts than
               A1 Tourism, but those that are offered are more upscale.
Guidebooks to Arthurian Britain  This is an Arthuriana affiliated bibliography, including descriptions, of six 
                travel guides through the realm of Arthur.
Streetmap  The best interactive map of Britain we've found.  There are seven different ways to search for a 
                particular location, and the map itself is clear and detailed.

Ordnance Survey The homepage of the official mapping agency of the United Kingdom.  It also offers products
                news, and a "Get a Map" feature that functions much like the Streetmap site above, though the
                map is presently not as detailed.
Keydrive Car and Van Rental  We rented our car from Stuart; he was very friendly, helpful, and accomodating.
                The site contains contact information as well as the company's rates and cars offered.  Internet
                booking is also available.
Gazeteer of Arthurian Sites  An alpabetical listing of many Arthurian sites with brief descriptions.

Welsh Castle Index  A comprehensive site listing all of the castles and fortifications in Wales.  Most have a 
                 thorough description complete with pictures. Some even have relatively detailed travel directions
                 and access information.
English Heritage  English Heritage operates many of the larger historic attractions in England. The site allows 
                  you to search for a specific property and it will give information on opening times, admission fees,
                  travel directions, and the history associated with the particular site.