Tom Berger--English Teacher, Rancho Buena Vista High School, Vista, CA

       I think we need more educational sites like this...
       It made it more human than simply reading textbook info.  

Jenny Anderson--Student, Mr. Berger's Tenth Grade Honors Class
       Even though I went to your web site for a homework assignment...  I went
       back to the web site at home, because you have inspired me to learn more. 

Jon--Random Webhead

        Great site!!
        Decided tonight to track down some information on the net, turned up lots of trash... 
        then found your site after much surfing... found myself solely absorbed by your 
        site for about 4 hours. 

Robert Vermaat--Webmaster of Vortigern Studies

         I really appreciate people who take the trouble of actually visiting the locations, 
         no matter the trouble. There are so many who have "Arthurian" websites, without 
         having read a good book, let alone finding out if the stories pan out!