~ R e c r u i t m e n t ~

A Message from Danielle Luther,
our Vice President
of Membership Recruitment…

     AOII is very excited that you have made the decision to join us as students on the Hilltop and perhaps become a member of our sisterhood. The sororities at Birmingham-Southern pride themselves on creating a memorable Recruitment experience. As potential new members (PNM) you will be placed in Rho Gamma groups along with other female students participating in Recruitment. There are three nights of Recruitment, each devised to introduce you to each chapter and its members. At AOII, we have been preparing for Recruitment and the arrival of our new members! We are all excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to our strong sisterhood and the factors that make AOII unique in our hearts and on campus. For more pictures from recruitment, please see our pictures page.

Welcome to BSC and we hope you have a wonderful recruitment experience!


Icebreakers comprise the first night of recruitment. This night gives PNM's the opportunity to visit all of the sorority houses and meet many sorority women. On this night we hope to impress PNM's with our chapter’s strong sisterhood, involvement & achievements, and history. We also have a chance to show off our skills, as we perform AOII's rendition of Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time!"

Skit Night

Skit Night allows PNM's to relax as they become our audience and enter the AOII world of “Camelot.” Tau Delta has been performing this skit for over 40 years, and take great pride in this precious tradition. Over four decades, the message of the skit has not changed: Alpha Omicron Pi will always be a place where you can be yourself. Don't forget to try our Panhellenic-renowned turtle brownies!

 Preferential Evening

     Prefential evening parties, casually known as Pref Night, make up the final night of recruitment. We, along with all the sororities, take this night very seriously as we reveal the importance that AOII holds in our lives. Tonight creates the opportunity to further learn about our strong sisterhood and heritage at BSC. This night allows PNM's to find the place they feel best represents the morals and expectations they consider their own. The sisters of AOII hope to create an environment that permits the PNM's to relax on this stressful night as we provide insight as to why we selected AOII.


The tiresome week of rush culminates in this exciting day. PNM's eagerly anticipate receiving their bid cards that will let them know to which sorority they will soon belong, while sorority women are filled with equal anticipation as they await the list bearing their new sisters’ names. The anxiousness is soon replaced with excitement as bid cards are delivered and PNM's race to the sorority amphitheatre to meet their new sisters.