~ P h i l a n t h r o p y ~

                AOII & ...
      Service is an extremely important facet of AOII. Not only are we dedicated to our own philanthropy, but also we are active supporters of other BSC organiza-tions and the Service Learning Program. Our philanthropy is Arthritis Research, a cause to which AOII has donated almost one million dollars. At Tau Delta, we do our part in making that amount grow more and more every year through a number of different activities and fundraisers


Mr. Hilltopper is our annual philanthropic event in which the entire campus participates. BSC gentlemen are nominated to represent each Greek organization in this male beauty pageant. Judges composed of BSC faculty and staff award points based on the representatives’ involvement in their individual skits, the “Sexy Legs” competition, and the question & answer segment. Not only does each Greek organization choreograph a dance number, but the AOIIs are also involved in the entertainment. Ticket sales benefit our philanthropy, arthritis research.

Camp M*A*S*H ("make arthritis stop hurting") is a camp for young boys and girls suffering from arthritis. Our chapter’s involvement at Camp M*A*S*H has included hosting summer carnivals for the children and serving as day counselors at the Lakeshore Foundation. Camp M*A*S*H is an experience that allows our chapter to have direct contact with the individuals that our philanthropic efforts benefit.

Other Philanthropic Involvement…

AOIIs pause for a snapshot
while raking leaves for faculty in
our annual “Warm up to AOII.”

A Rho Gamma and Sara pose for
a goofy picture at
Camp Mash

which is a camp for children with
juvenile arthritis.

AOII's get ready to perform their dance
for our annual philanthropy Mr. Hilltopper!!