~ H e r i t a g e ~

~ The Founding of
            Alpha Omicron Pi

     Alpha Omicron Pi was founded on January 2, 1897 at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City by four college women with a dream to carry their friendship throughout their lives. Since the first chapter was installed, AOII has grown into an international women’s fraternity boasting over 175 collegiate chapters throughout the United States and Canada. To this day, chapters of AOII everywhere strive to maintain the same ideals the four founders held in such high regard over a century ago.


~ Tau Delta of AOII
Back in the early 1900s, Tau Delta was known as the oldest women’s organization on BSC’s campus. However, this local sorority felt the need to expand. In 1925, the group went from being merely a local group to the Tau Delta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi. Over 75 years have passed since AOII first came to the Hilltop and Tau Delta maintains its strong presence on campus.

       Our Badge

The badge of Alpha Omicron Pi is composed of the three initial letters of the three words of the Motto, superimposed one upon the next in order, which gives the Fraternity its name. Badges may be worn by initiated members only. Lending or giving the badge to any person not a member of the Fraternity is prohibited. If it is worn with another pin, it is to be placed above it and to the right. No other pin, badge, insignia, such as a fraternity pin, Greek letter indicating the name of a chapter or a symbol denoting an office, may be attached to the badge in any way, whether by a chain or by hanging it on the fastener. A bubble pin guard may be slipped on the pin bar for safety.

The Wheat

The wheat indicates usefullness in its harvest.
The binding together of
the wheat into a sheaf gave Alpha Omicron Pi the new member pin, the name for the magazine, and the rings for the president and international president.

     The Panda

 While unofficial, AOII  considers the panda bear  its mascot. The panda is the only animal with no natural enemies.

Our Jewel

While pearls or diamonds are occasionally
used in special badges, the only official jewel
of Alpha Omicron Pi is the ruby

Alpha Omicron Pi has only one color, cardinal. It is the color of the Fraternity flower, the ruby and the ribbon sometimes worn under the badge to welcome a new collegiate chapter.

The New Member Pin

The binding together of
wheat into a sheaf in
the new member pin  represents individuals
bound by the common
bond of Alpha Omicron Pi

The Rose            

The Nineteenth  
Century French rose,  
General Jacqueminot, a  
deep red rose, was chosen  
as the flower of Alpha Omic-  ron Pi because its color is the symbol of the central and essential virtue of the Fraternity. Its choice had no connection with any leg-end, poem or story. This strong red rose, with its overtones of courage and vigor, was selected for its richness of color and frag-rance, combines with softness and modesty of bearing. The Jacqueminot Rose is not available at most florists, so any deep red rose which is available may be used.

The Magazine


TO DRAGMA, the Greek, is translated as "the sheaf." The name was selected for three reasons: because it is a reminder of the common interest whch unites all AOIIs; because it is a record of accomplishment, or harvest; and because it fittingly describes the purpose of such a publication, the uniting of members through communication